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delivering service in lakeside neighbourhoods means getting much closer to subscribers using smaller MicroPoP hub locations.

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Looking for faster internet? With your help, we are expanding into under serviced areas in Muskoka. We are looking for un-serviced gaps and serious customers.

You need high speed high capacity networks to enhance you life in Muskoka!

We are building at your lake to leverage our existing network to create 100% coverage in places like Lake Joesph and Lake Rosseau.

Community Champion Program

Boathouse Networks together with Interactive North is happy to announce this new wireless project in your neighborhood.

When we obtain a minimum of homes that have signed up and submitted their commitment fee in a community micropop area.


Current services

Interactive North has more that 100 towers in the area which are interconnected using high capacity microwave backhauls. These towers ultimately connect to fiber where it is available: in places such a Humphrey, Huntsville and Bracebridge.

Why not Fiber

Fiber assets are simply not available to the rural areas of Muskoka.

How is the system deployed

Starting from a site the can see one of our existing towers,  deployment can begin right away. Opportunities to add more MicroPoPs increase as the network expands further out the lakes.

Why not LTE

Interactive North operates a large LTE network in Muskoka and is fortunate to have licensed spectrum available to us. However because of the dense tree coverage and rolling granite terrain, even this latest technology is not enough to provide 100% coverage even with 2 miles of a tower site.

Why MicroPoP

Micropops are designed to service a  customers in a very remote areas. Micropops are connected together with expandable high capacity microwave links and can 'see' each other and use advanced GPS timing technology to operate as one cohesive system. 

Client radios require line of sight to the community host and are capable of delivering up to 500Mbps to an individual client.

Community Champions are compensated!

Besides the good karma you will receive from your neighbour, Boathouse Networks remunerates a community champion based on the number of homes and cottages that can be served from their location.

The number of dwellings that can be service is determined by producing a coverage map and counting the number of dwellings within that map. Coverage maps are usually less than 2km in radius and represent dwelling that have line of site to the community champion location. 

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